Azerbaijan GP Practice Results as Perez, Verstappen Dominate P1 and P2


This weekend. Formula one returns tobacco azerbaijan. And a wreck has topped the timesheets. Embrace sessions with max In the one and sergio perez fosters imitate to optimizing back year. The drivers wreath minyard's themselves with the track and clearly trying to determine whether they could push by how much with multiple causes ended up for me escape birds and also a few spins but in max zappin set the fastest time. The one minute forty three point. One four eight of the soft followed by the ferraris of show class and call signs. Daniel ricardo had a good session finishing p five while source spin from his teammate london. Norris but fortunately there was no damage later in the day. Sergio perez the times with one for two point one in f. to attend ahead of his teammate. With staffan by bicol assigns. A red flag was brought out when nicholas the. Tv's call came to a stop to to the engine overheating. i'm not signal at the end of his session. Despite setting solid times throughout the day charlotte took a trip into the barriers at ten fifteen which resulted in him. Losing the front wing and bringing out the safety car an usa interrupting the software runs a face behind him. Offer disappointing weekend in monaco. Things want looking great for mercedes today with lewis hamilton. Even coming on the ray j during the second session of the day saying but he doesn't know what the time is an f. p. one hamilton finish p. seven and voucher us ten whilst. Fb to neither mercedes made into the top ten how much and finishing p eleven a second over pace of such a peres while tasks was down in peace

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