A highlight from Robert Macfarlane The Worlds Beneath Our Feet


Veterans new study. What does spirituality mean to us reveals. How spirituality informs our understanding of ourselves and each other and inspires us to take action for the common good explore. These findings and more at spirituality study got org. Robert mcfarland is an explorer and a linguist of landscape and i have loved his writing for years. His book under land a deep time journey is an odyssey full of surprises through caves and catacombs under land and other cities under forests and the meltwater of greenland since before we were homo sapiens. He writes humans. Have been seeking out spaces of darkness in which to find and make darkness and the natural world and human life he suggests is a medium of vision and descend a movement toward revelation in a moment. In which a new relationship to the ground we stand on has become a civilizational calling. Robert mcfarland's way of seeing the world at once scholarly and playful literary and enchanting refreshes and motivates

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