A highlight from Phil Mickelson Wins the PGA Championship at the Age of 50; Charles Barkley Says the NBA Doesn't Have the Guts to Suspend LeBron; Eugene Chung Says Teams Say 'He's Not the Right Type of Minority'; Stephen A. Smith Says Tim Tebow Comeback Is 'White Privilege'


Tonight kellyanne podcasts. Well phil mickelson did it. He won a major at the age of almost fifty one. Does it Is it more amazing Then tom brady when a super bowl at four thirty you know. I think it might be. We will discuss that and all the rest of the happenings down at the pga championship. Were pope brooks kappa. A gut bumped. He could bumped in the in the malay at the end of End of the tournament Also charles berkeley says the nba doesn't have the guts doesn't have the balls to suspend lebron james fact check true stephen a. says tim tebow getting a chance to play for the jaguars. Because of what else. White privilege and eugene chung interviewing for jobs with the nfl and. He says he's not the right kind of minority play vat and discussed that in a whole lot.

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