Here's Why We Believe ETH Can Overtake BTC


Episode. I'm gonna be covering why ethereal and it's been a long time coming but how it's going to be the major currency all right. Everyone talks about bitcoin and unfortunately bitcoin is windows. Ninety five and finally you know. I was hoping that people are realizing that. And that's why that initial run was happening a fourth theorem. And i'm gonna talk about in this episode. The three or four main reasons as to why if theorem is actually going to be the dominant Crypto or i and you can even goldman sachs has their version of it. Just drop recently and You know once you start actually understanding. The blockchain does get out of the hype of over bitcoin. Or whatever you want to actually understand. What's the difference. Between block chain crypto currency. bitcoin theory. You understand that. Ethereal is actually the true vertical the true Crypto currency. that has the technology to scale. Are i and that's why it's ethereal not bitcoin. That's gonna be the crypto of the future and again this. His investment advice is purely educational. But i wanna make it clear. As to why even companies like goldman sachs are able to showcase that uranium is the future or i the first major point in the most simplest reason as to why this is the case is just because of the er see twenty technology all right so the twenty technology if you don't know what it is that it's basically the you or mainly looking at any old coin any wallet any most of what you're looking at and what you're trying to do in crypto currency when you're trading learning or anything these are coins. Icao's nature are released on an ear. See twenty type of scale which means it's built on the area m- blockchain not

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