A highlight from Tig Notaro: A Joke about Being Misgendered


Happy to be here. I have not have not performed in houston over a decade. So thanks for showing up. Unless i've forgotten and i was here then. It's good to see you again so soon. After what a surprise. I i did a comedy special years ago at a time when nobody knew who i was and they packed the venue put cameras on me and then put that out on television and i was. I was backstage and there was a guy doing warm up for my show. We didn't meet in person. Only thing he knew about me was that my name was tig so he was out on stage. Just saying you know what's up on just really getting people ready for my kind of comedy and he said y'all ready for your comedian. A just whisper screaming like crazy and he said all right well. This comedian coming to the stage. He's one of my best friends. We've traveled all around the world together. Turn to the producer back stage and what is happening and then she radioed the director. Who came over the intercom of the entire theater and said girl took awesome. Then he said. I didn't know i didn't know so. Then it appeared as though my very best friend had never even noticed my sweet sweet rack. Tell you we have missed. that put. Poor guy will never see that for the majority of my adult life. I have been mistaken for man at least once a week. It's more than that. I don't wanna seem like. I'm exaggerating. But i also feel confident that probably nobody here is like yeah. We're going to need some examples It doesn't bother me. I i feel comfortable with who i am. I know i am what i am. You can call me a choo choo train. Doesn't matter i know who i am now. I can't believe it took me forty six years to come up with this response and if this happens to you please feel free to use it. Give me credit because it's good. I went into a shop and walked up to the counter. And the man behind the cash register. Said how can i help you sir. And i said just the gum ma'am just in this lockdown moment of utter confusion to like yeah. I don't know what i'm looking at either. I don't know how he felt about that exchange. But i know for myself. I did leprechaun kicks entire way. Home watch pignataro. Happy to be here only on netflix.

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