Brazil’s Amazon Deforestation Reaches Record Level for May


Says deforestation in the Amazon region increased by 40% in the year to me, 1180 square kilometres of rainforest were lost. Meanwhile, a separate report is warning that illegal logging is set to get worse. As the Amazon enters the dry season. I got more details from our Americas editor Candice Pet Well, this is the third consecutive months of these record figures of deforestation in the Amazon is really raising serious questions about President Jair Bolsonaro's commitments to fighting deforestation. Environmentalists argue that the deforestation levels have been increasing because his policies and his environment minister have been slowly dismantling the legal protection measures. That police and control deforestation in the Amazon. The minister himself is under investigation by prosecutors for alleged involvement in the export of illegal would, for example, to be sold to the European Union and the United States. The Environment Ministry is also frozen funding to the environmental policing body and frozen their normal ability to patrol and monitor deforestation. President Bolsonaro has promised to eradicate illegal deforestation in the Amazon by 2030. Is that even realistic? Well, it's certainly contradicts a lot of what he's been saying. So far since he got into office in 2019. He's repeatedly advocated to develop Mentalist policy for the Amazon has argued the region needs economic development, not protection as some kind of giant reserve as he puts it. So these latest statements have been seen with great skepticism in Brazil. A by his opponents. There's been

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