A highlight from Part 2: Michelle Lovell, Chad Brown


We're back our to recapping. The weekend and richmond. Glory was front and center. Now it's funny. I was down for a week. And i only i only got to see rich for about three minutes As it happens It's got a weird Some some in the down by the winner's circle at i forget after which race but It was just kind of funny the way the it's funny that's what happens here. You get you know you get off the certain parts of the track or you you just y- end up even if your day's andy i saw andy literally for i think i only saw. When we ran into each other on the sixth floor he was coming down from his office. Down to the ground floor and we. We wrote the elevator. The that was on friday. I think so i barely saw a and while we wait for rich actually casey's Raising him We got a couple of couple of things that we can slip in and colluding. Ob s They wrapped up the under attack. yesterday Four days worth of breezes and now everybody gets a couple a days of evaluation before the sale starts on wednesday. So we'll certainly tomorrow Indoor wednesday we'll give you a little preview of of the last big opportunity to buy two year olds obese june and all the ratios All the breezes and the walks and everything else available. I was looking actually myself last night. once teen and i got back and there's something there's something actually to talk about with rich because he and i we talk about food too. Often and richmond joins us. And don't let me forget to tell you about something on the conic that that happened yesterday evening on the way home. We went to the bronx zoo yesterday by the way Yeah br brought the spencer and his two roommates and One of the roommates is from france and anya and she'd never been so. We went to the bronx zoo yesterday which it was a lot of fun. I mean. we'd love the zoo great so really a food. A holy cow. I i you have no idea maybe you do. And i don't know who is aware of this because it's a place that all of us have driven by a hundred times rally exactly. Yeah i know. Dylan the gravity ten miles from dylan to growly and i didn't realize you were that close that's fun. That's new columbia. Is it over is at columbia county. What county is that no. No it's it's i. i'm probably actually like fifteen miles from villain the growly. But if i come up with connick That's carpenter road that it's on. Yes exactly carpenter road exactly okay. So the next few ways to get to my place But i can get off the next exit. And i'm exactly fifteen miles which is What is it You know. I don't know names like they know how to do it. But the very next exit after carpenter road if i get off their sixty miles to my house if i go straight i can get off at route. Forty four If millbrook poughkeepsie and then like ten miles from my house but you

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