A highlight from EP. 534 - Is EVERYONE Enhanced?! Ft. Robb Beams


Boura encima what do you plan on having for dinner tonight man. I'm going to have a center cut rabbi and a flat iron time to from piedmont tease. How many stakes is that. It's three stakes stakes to flat irons. One center cut rabbi. And the great thing about these stakes is that they have a decent amount of fat. But it's not so much that if you have three stakes are going to be. You know eating a massive amount of calories. So that's what it's called the diet steak so for myself. it's friday i'm like kind of you know a whole day whole week. I should say of like some pretty solid eating on my game so it was like today. I just wanna go like go crazy on big old steak song have above it. I go. I know and the funny thing is it's like i'm still going to be one hundred percent on my plan. Because the whole thing has one hundred grams of protein. I think only like sixteen grams of fat. So i'm gonna have that price and potatoes. Just oh my gosh. I can't wait. I'm gonna so if you guys want to enjoy some of these amazing stakes are higher protein fat which just means more jacquemus less fatness head

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