NASA Perseverance, The First 100 Days

Astronomy Cast


So perseverance. What is it. It is a next upgraded version of curiosity rover. It's built on very much the same hardware plan but as happens when you get a few years. From one designed upgraded the systems and part of upgraded. The systems meant it has a belly full of crazy robotics and electronics. And they're going to use that crazy belly to gather up samples of rock. It also is carrying the first ever microphone on mars which people are far more excited about than i ever dreamed of like me. Well yeah it. It's still caught me by surprise. And they have an experiment for creating oxygen. They have a laser and they are putting rocks. Left and right and then of course. There's little ingenuity helicopter. Alright so then like compare and contrast like if we had perseverance and curiosity side by side and we were looking at them trying to spot the differences there the same size right same size and the roughly built on the same chassis. yes okay. The heads look very similar. It's when you start looking at the arms in the underbelly that everything radically changes. It's when you look at the underbelly. An armed that everything radically changed so arm does not have the little divet scraping machine that they have on curiosity that they've been using to up to rocks and remove a layer of weathered rock to see what's underneath instead. The arm has sherlock which is an ultraviolet violet spectrometer and it has a laser and they are literally zadran rocks and listening to hear how the zap sounds and using that sound getting an assessment of the density and other characters things of the rocks. This this is not something i imagine. This is the moral equivalent of doing science by knocking on wood except thursdays outing rocks.

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