A highlight from Bitcoin In A Down Trend Now


We're gonna die down again couple of days. I'll do on yes. They are now will policies for that. Tom actually in the prices moving moving house and moving into an office as well. So i'll quite a bit going on at the moment and Yeah it's it's always a pretty good dog moving because the a bit of a being dong ding dong illinois. The show type thing it's You know we've beantown. Maybe wrong like you know we. We do have that four hour now in that in the downturn religious daily the downtrend to that low hyphen level la. The by no means by by no means. Is this a great trend and is a strong trend is just the beginning ovalles. Trying to what we've been saying lightly is that when trends have started. They've ended pretty quickly after that. Now don't get me wrong. There have been a few opportunities here and they With regards to some shorts you had to be johnny on the spot. Because most the time they are the lower timeframes looking at the fifth damien. it The half hour most of the fifteen over the loss of twenty four hours but it stopped paying. Just this has not been as clinton he's been lacking the the momentum has been lacking when we have seen a sell off. Wei saint straight line selloff. We've seen a decent move happened relatively quickly with very few pullbacks so although we do now have ourselves with many of these charts. I from Uptrend with potential for a high high to go. The high level filed to set the high a. Hog which made that's become a level on if that sounds confusing clarify bitcoin on the daily easing a downtrend. There's a low high in the low low does this mean we're gonna capitulate and have a really big full auto Does it mean that. No it doesn't mean that's what's going to happen. Could it possibly happen. It could possibly the could also happen. Bitcoin could rise of higher applying the long game. Well the longtime bang timeframe olongtime long being you only bob. Because he doesn't have tried. Then you're gonna be in trouble if you're a long term investor you got nothing to think about nothing warriors who is white couple white white until the next ronald. Whatever if if this one's over the next phone I know if it is or it isn't But y- if somebody's active at that and you not trading you're really you're gonna struggle and i'm not saying that just because on the who sells a coast through someone else's do whatever you walk you know it's up to you to make your decisions. You make your own choices on there for you if you want. But it's up to you to make the choice. But what are you going to be considering. This point now is realistically. If you can't make money unless the market goes up you are you've foot the rot ones not attached. And you're right foot because you can make money to try to upward dan. Not only that you can also head you fall. You're caught satisfactorily. So you can take a bit of that hate off so yeah i suppose getting his. Don't try it then. You are going to be feeling the pint There's no absolutely no doubt about that at all So yeah it's up to you. Try to cope Information bitcoins currently two percent. Thirty two thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars is where we sitting now. I'm not looking for short. Tried justed on bitcoin. Therion is also death. Three point three percent a currently two thousand five hundred and five dollars pretty ugly looking shot. There on that floor are still very choppy sideways unattractive on x. up. It five cent. So yes we've held boy. The dull amok will wake so far down point. Five percent still damn notice far down as many of the other shots out that bitcoin cash five seventy on twenty cents a far cry off the paik in the round of sixteen hundred and forty three and not even close to its all-time haase's selling thirty six hundred thousand or whatever. It was down three percent off seventy nine fifty wrought now onto dot Beset still on a daily uptrend free average looking twenty one dollars.

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