'We Have a Deal': Biden Announces Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement


Biden's proposal on infrastructure correspondent Clayton Neville tells us the president is applauding the bipartisan effort to strike a deal. After months of negotiations, President Biden with a bipartisan group of lawmakers behind him, had an announcement. We have a deal, Republican Senator Susan Collins applauded her colleagues on both sides of the aisle. We've agreed on the price tag the skull And how to pay for it. It was not easy to get agreement on all three, but it was so essential the Bills price tag $973 billion over five years or 1.2 trillion over eight years. President Biden admitted it wasn't the deal he wanted. None of us got what we all whether we want it. They gave more than I think. Maybe there were inclined to give in the first place, but this reminds me of the days we used to get awful lot done up in the United States. Congress, Democratic Senator Kirsten Cinema called the agreement a historic investment in infrastructure. We all Gave some to get some because what we did was put first the needs of our country. Republican Senator Rob Portman said. The investment covers more than roads and bridges, lots of other kinds of infrastructure, including broadband, including our water system and a rail system, all of which is good for the economy. This will lead to more efficiency in our economy, Higher productivity, more economic growth. This is about the long term. Specifically, the agreement includes $109 billion on roads and highways. 15 billion on electric vehicles in transit in $65 billion toward broadband. Other investments to on airports, drinking water and climate change. President Biden insisted the proposal will create jobs. This still makes key investments to put people to work all across the country building transmission lines. Upgrading the power grid. To be more and more energy efficient and resilient and extreme weather to be able to sustain system rather and the climate crisis as far as how the deal will be paid for a variety of sources, including

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