AG Merrick Garland and Democrats Are Fabricating Sytemic Racism in Georgia


Here's the truth about America. You really have to look hard for systemic racism. And so they concoct it, they manufacture it. As they're doing here. The state of Georgia. Go ahead and by the way before we go ahead notice. It's the Democrats States that can't count the vote. It's New York City that has to wait three weeks until they know who the Democrat Party nominee, it's New York state that tries to stop a Republican from winning a congressional district would repeated recounts. How does that expand the vote? They mean expand the Democrat parties corruption. Go ahead. Among other things, I expressed concern about the dramatic rise in state legislative actions that will make it harder for millions of citizens to cast a vote folks to make it harder for millions of citizens to cast a vote. It doesn't mean you're making it hard. For millions of citizens the cast, But let me repeat this. To make it harder for people to vote doesn't mean you're making it hard for people to vote. It means you're trying to put rational policies in place to ensure the integrity of the franchise. So other people aren't denied their rights. Because people are voting in ways they shouldn't So, basically what's happening here is Merrick Garland. Is doing the bidding of Stacey Abrams. He's doing the bidding of the Democrat Party. He's doing the bidding of Democrat lawyers like Marc Elias. He's doing the bidding of Joe Biden. Nobody is prevented from voting. Since when is it? So difficult to get a voter ID. It's not difficult in the least.

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