A highlight from How to Be a Bad Bitch, by Amber Rose

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Not headphones. If you're at work or around small children now here's a show hagia lente yes kristin you know sometimes how you call me too nice too sweet. A little too gentle. Yeah you're a total pollyanna that like has said thank you for getting fired before. Yeah you're very very nice often too nice. Well what would you say. If i told you i wanna learn how to be a bitch are you. Are you serious and not just a bitch all into my friend. I wanna be a bad bitch. Bad in all caps. That's right. I love this. Yes yes. I am here for this. Please tell me a celebrity. Wrote a book all about being bad bitch. Oh you know a celebrity did and you know we're about to live by it. Because i'm bad bitch to be. I'm kristen minds are and i'm belinda. Greenberg and this is by the book. Payne said in each episode of by the book we choose at different self help book to live by the letter and weigh in on whether or not it actually changed our lives and for this hour eighth season of by the book we are living exclusively by self help guides that were written by celebrities and today we are tackling how to be a bad bitch by the rose. Amber eleven chuck better known by her stage name. Amber rose is a model fashion designer and actress. She was raised in her words in a low income neighborhood in south philly by mother who waited tables when she was fifteen she became an exotic dancer and at the age of twenty one. She moved to new york city with next to nothing not long after she was discovered and began appearing in music. Videos for kanye west. Nicki menaj ludicrous and more modeling. A music career and a fashion line followed as did high profile relationships with west and wiz khalifa after their breakup. Both men publicly slut shamed her with connie saying quote. It's very hard for a woman to want to be with someone that was with amber. Rose i had to take three showers. Before i got with kim kardashian. After that rose realized she could use her platform for more. She adopted the role of outspoken. Sex positivity advocate. Start in a funny or die. Walk of no shame with amber rose video and lead slot walk in la to raise money for her dacian and she began hosting of line in two thousand fifteen hoping to share her message of confidence and resilience. She penned her book how to be a bad bitch in how to be a bad bitch. Rose inserts that being a bad bitch doesn't mean acting like a bitch at all sure about bitch puts herself first but more than anything. She takes her obligations seriously and she shows up when she says she will. She's strong in body mind attitude and finances and she gets what she wants by any means necessary also when things don't go her way she takes the time to grieve her loss. Learn the lessons to be learned and comeback about her bitch than ever. Here's how you do it. Step one vision and passion picture your dream life and believe you can if you can't imagine what it is talk to people who are happy and

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