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Rain clouds are absent. Work can continue at a quick but safe pace. Dave Evans, vice president Harris is on her way to El Paso, Texas. The Republicans who demanded she go for months are critical. She's not going to the areas of the border being and then they did most in an ongoing migrant surge, GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell tells Fox. We all know that remain in Mexico policy being undone. By this administration created the crisis at least the administration fields. It's important enough to send the vice president down there, but I think the proof will not be in the visit. But in the policy, senators from both parties have worked out a compromise plan on infrastructure with President Biden. The new framework under a trillion dollars about 973 billion over five years, with 559 billion allocated for new spending and transportation expenditures like Roads, waterways and bridges, foxes, Kevin Corke. Democrats also plan to approve what they call human infrastructure in a separate billions in the process. Republicans can't block. There were more protests last night in Portland, Oregon, after a police officer shot a man in a confrontation. He later died. America's listening to Fox News telling you Jr traffic and weather First. This report is sponsored by Compassion International for kids in poverty around the world. Things are still desperate, Joint Compassion International with your one time $40 gift to provide a covid relief kit to a family in poverty. Text the word Give 283393 That's give 283393 Traffic first also sponsored by Chris Furniture. Chris Furniture, is celebrating the fourth of July with a spectacular sale on all US and Canadian bedrooms, Dining sets and upholstery. Take advantage on special savings now and get free delivery open by appointment Only Monday through Friday, 10 to 4. Call 7344 to 7 30 80. New accident along 75 south bound at Grange Hall Road. Both shoulders are blocked North line near 75 accident, causing delays. Also an accident reported in the Brighton area along US 23 South found at Heinie Road now WJR weather first from the Weather Channel, sponsored by Michigan based Liberty Title. Protecting property since 1974 few quick tips from liberty title cybercrime

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