Stephen Miller Analyzes How Biden, AG Garland, and the Left Are Controlling the Narrative


Of black lives matter also anti Semitic, both of them anti American trying to overthrow the country. And he doesn't mind mention them as grave domestic terrorist threats. And yet look at what they did to our country during the course of the summer, and you didn't mention What is F B? I told him, which is 60% of hate. Religious crimes in this country had done against Jews, mostly Orthodox Jews, and it's not done by neo Nazis. They're bad enough. Don't get me wrong, but it's done mostly by Relatively recent immigrants from the Middle East, as well as African Americans in Brooklyn. Why is it that he doesn't mention these things? Stephen Miller. Because for the left control over the narrative is everything because if if your narrative is that the biggest problem facing the American people Are radicalized white citizens. And that, of course, empowers you to do all kinds of things that you want to do throughout the government, including things that you know my organization America first legals involved in litigation on like critical critical race theory in government discrimination. And awarding some people benefits and taking benefits from others based on skin color. It's the narrative that is the moral predicate further whole agenda and also make the point. Everything is really important. When we're talking about domestic terror. I would say that what is happening on the streets of Chicago, by any definition is domestic terrorism gangs running rampant running wild Murdering people in broad daylight drive by shootings, killing woman killing Children happening on our streets That's domestic terrorism and under his department of Justice. Well, those people will not get any help. All over the world in foreign countries. People can come here by the millions and claim asylum. So the government is failing in its most fundamental duty, which is to take care of and protect our own citizens. Now That's a

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