The Democrat Party Turned Their Backs on You


In fact, Have you also noticed how the Democrat Party has made an affirmative decision? To turn its back on all the people that used to claim to represent from Franklin Roosevelt actually earlier than that, in the turn of that Two centuries ago to now. They used to reach out. To quote unquote, the white working class to quote unquote, the blue collar White union member. But now they have decided because they are very diabolical in the way they treat human beings and the way they treat individuals and the way they group people and and try and pull together constituent groups and even create constituent groups. They've decided. They want permanent power. They noticed that since Ronald Reagan some of these white blue collar union voters, white blue collar nonunion voters Wait a minute. They're starting to vote for Republicans. Reagan won them by a large margin. Donald Trump won them by a large margin. So the Democrat party has now turned on. These people turned on many of you. You're now white supremacists your night near now, Deplorables. I'm telling you the truth. So they have Jennifer elected. Now they want open borders where they used to oppose open borders because it undermined unions, including the United Farm Workers union. Now they want open borders. Now they want as many people to come into this country as possible, preferably not white people, which is why you hear them talking the way they talk with their racist talk and the racist propaganda in our schools and so forth. Now I'm not supposed to talk about this because they try and demean people like me and silence. People like me. I'm not going anywhere. If I had to take a damn soap box and put it in my backyard, I'm not going anywhere.

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