Amazon Asks Social Media Companies to Help It Root out Fake Reviews


Amazon says it's all social media's fault for letting fake reviews. Schemes thrive. Why are they doing this? Mike? Amazon of the social media. All of them. Why are they letting the fake reviews thrive? Man? Social media What happened? Uh, to like any Meaningful degree of personal responsibility for Your own failures. Well, that's gone. Social media's fault that people post fake reviews on our site. Now I will say that this was not the only thing that Amazon pointed at. And they you know, it was mainly a bunch of statements about You know them trying to fix these issues and taking down thousands of, uh of their own problem, But Guys. It's your own website. It's not like Facebook has plenty of problems on its own, and they absolutely serve as a source for all sorts of fraudulent stuff to occur. But Amazon. It's not Facebook's fault deal with the problem. You have a problem? You need to deal with it right? If if you think that there's a problem with social media helping to propagate fake reviews on your site, maybe you should do a better job of figuring out how to prevent fake reviews from making it onto your site to begin with. And then this wouldn't be a whole big problem. Yeah. I mean, there really seems to me to be no good reason. Why I can review a product without ever having purchased it on Amazon's website, But, yeah, I mean, certainly I could have bought that product product at target and I want to write a review on it. But why should I be able to do that on Amazon? If I

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