A highlight from LOKI (Ep 1 - 2) | Double Toasted Audio Review

Double Toasted


Dissipation may vary cannot be combined with combo meal single item at regular price. That's see he's lucky man but he is said y'all let's go and talk about this show man. Y'all thought one division was weird. Sit this marble completely off their meds. Right now i think so. Yeah yeah marble walking the streets go get them. Bring them in yatta. One division was a trip. That shit ain't even kicked in yet. Y'all just gotta buzzing right now. I really feeling that yet. And that's why. I think man you know and i'm gonna tell you. Yeah because we got this new show loki and lock got a lot of competition. Logan got competition from shows. That have not only been highly praised but shows that had just been just weird you know and we're means you're taking a chance you know and and this is this is up there and this is this is definitely up there. And i'm thinking that lucky. Maybe loki and with his show. Maybe he does need to take that next step to being just absolutely nuts because well for one. A lot of people are saying wait. Loki gotta soak. Did that bitch get choked out by bus

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