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Hopefully i can everything i see. I see i see where you are. That's why i was like. I'm looking for a mike mike clips because they were like listen. You can play. Maybe a couple of these that that it's gonna fuck i got. I got no chat. We're going to be going into this. Move very curious to hear martin's opinion and of course. I'll share my overall opinion on the film to conjuring universe has been around for quite some time since two thousand thirteen or two thousand fourteen. Yeah i think so. And of course we are now on this latest film. Chat the conjuring the devil made me do it. The third film. In the i guess. The mainland friday a franchise. You want to see. But it's like the. I mean how many films we'd gotten. So we have the conjuring conjuring to annabel annabel to annabel three. We've had the none. We've had lalla and i think that makes eight. That's eight films nearly a goddamn ten. That's a lot of movies. It's a lot of movements was it was yeah. People don't want it to be tie in with the conjure. The none is the main villain spoilers. So we're gonna actually asking these questions. Because before we get into this review for conjuring the title We're going to talk about just in general the conjuring verse and what we think is worked about. What's been successful with. It hasn't succeeded at that kind of thing but to answer your question. The non was the main villain funding off the conjuring to. Oh yeah because she was bamboozling. That's what the people thought it. Was that bill sikes shaggy day skiing out of my house but really he was a proxy. She just she just Picked him up and also the kirkman man who is also the movie for some reason and she was just using them but it was the non who was the villain the contract. I have failed you in the audience. Oh it's okay. Because i never saw the conjuring too. But and i'm to watch it before coming all really. Yeah and i just got caught up in doing things and the next thing i looked up i was like i only got thirty minutes. There's no time to watch all right. I mean it's pretty. Well let me let me save you some time. It's literally the first movie. Except it's in england and it has a blue gray color palette. Told me that this weekend. I mean some people like it you know i mean both. Those films were commercially and critically he bought. Can't say that for all the films within ray right. Yeah yeah just seem like the The main happens where up so you got a big comic book event and the the the issues that are the event itself who they work. But it's all these satellite issues that that hijack another comment on at them in like i could have easily have not read that. Yeah yeah that was dumb. Or i mean. Yeah it hijacks it and focusing on this good story and then it ends ruined naito. You agree but i've seen the bills and the none. Yeah okay oh shit damn all right. Well let's say this. I tell you this you that will reveal my opinion on the third one. I'm just now. I'll be cool because for my opinion like you. I get not really big into the ghost movies or haunted house films. But i really did appreciate the conjuring doing the same familiar things but it did a few things. I really liked. Liked the whole relationship between the horns. Patrick wilson megan have some pre chemistry and that was full display. It's kind of like these. This professional ghost hunters zero demon. That's a real turn. No i at least. I feel with them in this film university. The warren's work they are only undercut by the fact that the actual warrants would just a bunch of conman. Scam charlatans charleston's absolutely. Yeah this is very much. The fictitious adaptation of their cases of them present. Some much more positive light right probably is better people even with the war. 'cause i was doing some research on them because they're like. Oh yeah we have all these cases in the movies because there's a lot there's a lot of them like holy shit working but allegedly people who had like very diverse opinions on them even skeptics. Like you know what i. I don't believe anything they're saying. But there's such a nice people. And just why they have have said such a like a very kind adaptations of them especially in the country. I mean just to get back to it where this is james. Baby yeah famously. Also the creator the saw franchise and did it at all that now. It's this is right is is his. Yeah he directed the i saw. He did the city films which aren't connected to conjuring but doing the same thing. So yes yes. And yeah and they did all the spin offs and like. Yeah again with the warrants. At least the ones. I've seen really liked them but some of the other ones like the i i recently watched first annabel it. It's one of the worst horror films. I think certainly of the of the twenty ten. Because i'm like there's nothing fucking happens in this godless especially man. We're so excited. Wait whole horror movie based on a doll. Oh this is going to be it. I mean he watches like she's not do injection nothing. Everything happening around her and she's just there she's the forrest gump of scary dolls. Yeah i do like. Did you see the second animal. Yes is that the one at the orphanage jesse. You're okay yes which. I liked that a lot more much more more directed by david enough. Sandberg a lot more stuff happens. Thank god i never saw the third one. I can't remember third one and the one sort of blend together. So this when they get to the weird like marvelous takes place at the same time. As this aware. It happens the beginning of the conjuring you have where they pick up annabel for the first time and those too stupid girls like yes. She was talking to us and everything. He's one of the roommate. It's like why would you want that evil possessed doll. But apparently it takes place between that moment. And everything we've seen the conjuring it's like that weekend after the annabel's like animals crazy weekend haunts the daughter did not see. I have not seen that one either. Never seen the non here. That's even worse than annabel dude. I don't think it's worse than annabel. But it's not better in a way that significant. It's a lot of can something happen. Damn that sounds annabel least falling annabel's and then they did lawler rona which i think everyone typically forgets about which is kind of a little bit connected to like the first annabel movie. I saw that we did see them. I remember it started in a way where i thought this might be something and then by the end is like now. That's too bad. I mean the this one. This new one. Apparently they're working on a couple. More crooked man is their next one. Who is one of the villains proxies in the conjuring to which is the the fairytale character. Who murdered his family. Of course the why. Also they'd be adapting but we talked about the gm's go lower my volume a little bitty little out see better myself but better chat a little bit better right there. I think so. Let me know. I think we're good. I think we're good cool. Cool cool house armed house martin. Son go talk to your talk right now. I hope you're not too low. Good everything sound good. Yeah okay nice. Nice nice quakes. Thanks guys chat. We're going to go ahead and get to review of the conjuring. The devil made me do it. But you're probably listen. Look i see the trailer. I got to know what the hell is going on before we can start discussing this thing so here we go chat.

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