Curevac’s Covid-19 Vaccine Disappoints in Clinical Trial


All right. Let's kick off the podcast with a kind of a dish on the week's news and we should definitely start with cure vac Meg what happened to curevac co vaccine. Yes this was hugely surprising wednesday afternoon. The news came of the company's results from their late stage. Clinical trial of forty thousand participants of another rene vaccine and of course with the success of madeira advisor. The expectations were very high that the efficacy would be very strong and it was forty seven percent now. The company cited a large number of variants. That were in the trial though. Wasn't clear the exact impact of those various on the efficacy. And there's some speculation that it could be the differences in the vaccine from modernize and visor biotechs damian. You looked into this pretty deeply. Yes so not all. Mr nays are created. I shouldn't say equally the same so pfizer and medina both use an approach to work in a tiny modification that is meant to basically avoid the immune system from attacking the marnie strand that you insert curevac used an unmodified marnie for its vaccine and the company's reasoning was you know for an mri therapeutic. Yes sure you'd want to avoid an immune system reaction but for a vaccine an immune system reaction is kind of the name of the game and so that was kind of their thesis going into it but as a result of using the unmodified marnie. They used a smaller dose than pfizer. Madrid Which most likely was to avoid any kind of too much of an immune reaction and so a lot of people. Curevac didn't say this and they haven't provided really enough detail on the data in question for us to really dig in but there is a theory going around out there that enserch of this kind of goldilocks dose of this unmodified. Marta they might have had simply too weak of a vaccine to get the kind of efficacy numbers that we've seen from the pfizer vaccines.

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