Here’s a Metaphor To Help You Deal With Anxiety


If you've ever struggle with anxiety he says i'm guessing you've tried to fight back however fighting back only tends to create more anxiety so do great metaphor to explain. This involves a tug of war with an anxiety monster. So you are holding onto the rope and the monster has the other inbetween of you lies a bottomless pit. So not surprisingly you pull as hard as you can but that monster is pulling very strong too in that spring and you closer and closer to the pit and you feel like you have no way of winning. So what do you do when you're fighting this anxiety monster when you've got this tug of war against this anxiety monster and there's this bottomless pit between the two of you. You simply drop the rope. So yeah the monster still there. You're no longer in a struggle with him and so in this metaphor it's the same brings -iety that when you drop the struggle you steal its power.

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