Race and Research: The Gaps in Health


Matters because we have really good evidence that when you have diverse groups of people working on various problems you end up with better answers more creativity more innovation so it's really important to us to make sure that the workforce that is trying to solve the nation's health problems is a truly diverse workforce. So how did the national institutes of health begin to even discuss. This problem would begin to work on this problem. Is this a recent thing or is there have been a recognition. Maybe overtime about the need for this. So the national institutes of health has focused on issues with regards to diversity for a while now their policies in place to assure that there's diversity of participants in various clinical studies in twenty lovin When donna ginther and colleagues did an analysis of the success rates of various groups that are usually underrepresented in science getting grants from h. What's called or one equivalent grants. They found that the various groups tended not to have the same success rate as non hispanic whites and in fact when you controlled for all sorts of factors english as a first language education. An institution a person can from that. There was a persistent disparity in receipt of these are one equivalent grants for african americans and blacks

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