‘Son, You’ve Hit a New Low’


Had to worry about school. I mean i did. Because i was in it but but my parents gave up. They gave up early. They knew they would literally beg made son. Please just dry and get fifty. It's a boss. Just get fifty. I'm not bragging on glorifying this but this is an actual mark got in grade nine typing typing nineteen eighty-four. Don't judge me there. Were no computers yet was actual typewriters. My typing my final mark was thirteen percent. Even my dad son. You hit a new low. Do realize you get twenty five percent just for signing your name correctly. What fucking name you put. They gave up when i was a teenager. They do. I remember my only rule when i would leave the house like dad. I'm going to the mall okay. Son died that was only rule died. We've already failed enough. You don't need. The ultimate failure will die while i'm alive after i die as many times as you want but why don't never had to worry about a career or job. Well job yes Just not a profession. I remember my dad. Sixteen my dad comes to me. He goes son one day. You won't be in school anymore. And i was like i'm going to graduate. No focus on focus. Focus never happened. Okay

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