Security and Intelligence Failures Led to January 6 Capitol Attack


Today the senate released a new report finding the capitol. Police leadership did not act on warnings. That trump supporters tried to breach the capital leading. One officer tells senate investigators quote we. Were ill prepared. We were not informed with intelligence. We were betrayed. There's also a lot. The report does not cover as washington. Post greg sargent points out quote. It does not officially described the attack as insurrection instead opting for the word attack and avoids a frank discussion of the role played by one donald. J trump sarah gary. Peters of michigan is the chair of the senate homeland security committee. One of the committees published that report and he joins me now senator. What was the scope of this report. What was the sort of task before your committees. The scope is was limited right from the start. It was bipartisan. A look at what exactly happened on january six in terms of security failures. And why did those failures Car and what sort of changes need to occur to make sure that that ever happens again. And that the capitalist secure the men and women who work in the capital are secure and that our democracy is secure to prevent an attack on the capitol building but it was focused on just those days events. we looked at Intelligence and saw obviously failures in intelligence also saw failures from the leadership of the capitol. Police although i wanna be clear and certainly you're opening showed it vividly that the men and women the frontline men and women who are. They're defending the capital. We're heroes but they were let down by their leadership. It was clear in our investigation that there wasn't a plan in fact during the attack. You'll have officers that. Were on the radio. Saying where's the plan. Who has a plan. Put them in a horrible position and also problems with getting the national guard here and the fact that there needed to be more effective planned up front so we were focused on that we wanted to get a plant a report out that has specific recommendations. That could be acted on very quickly. There are twenty recommendations in this report and we hope to get those in place as quickly as

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