A highlight from Part 3: Dave ORourke


Great pick up the ball on that right now. Yeah there's some other things that we came up during the week to wreck but will save him For you know got got a couple of quiet weeks yet to come after we wrap up this weekend. So let's Let's turn our attention to the action and You know take us anywhere you want to go more more saturday than today if If you could. Well i tell you. It's probably the beltline real quick I've been you know looking around up and down everywhere. And you know what i'm gonna i'm gonna hope to. The the the winter runs with his doubtfire again romburg. I reached his peak in. And and who's to say that he needs to regress it. All he's He's not at a deep deep deep closer. He doesn't have to be. And you know. I always afraid of those kind The belmont of course you going. Mommy but You know start last. People are gonna end up first. Doesn't happen that way He can lay close enough And you know why. Can't he repeat What he didn't about in the pregnant. So i like i'm right now i like i. Like ron bauer I like went that why not. Why not disagree at number wise I like him over over the two in the six It's central quality and known agenda a little bit Jimmy said any likes rock your world. I'm a little concerned with the war. Starts I know that not that big a deal anymore. I'm just Just concerned with that did not had a reason in the in the In the derby running for writing bad but you know what that goes with experience. I don't know if he has enough experience so I'm not not on rock your world. That much hot ride. Charlie and i think is going to run his race again. I think you'll be tough in central quality. But i think there's enough for romburg to go after and you know what i think he's fine Johnny takes over the reins. And you know a dinky might be dismissed a little bit of a windows. Even what is the in the program. Three two one You know he might maybe seven to on or something we'll we'll see but Yeah no. I got no problem saying why not the. Let's go back in The let's do the repeat button. I don't think science makes sense. I think there's plenty to like. I i'm going to end up picking him second but I i'm leaning on a with equal weight In in all the multi-race wages yeah going backwards. I do like the couples obvious ones. I mean you take all these races summer summer soccer than not even the some of the races today and you know don't have to pick them all We gotta sometimes no way to stop it. you know i wanted. I like by by melvin last time it didn't it In the dinner party. Yeah but i. I don't know if he's good enough. I'm i'm leaning domestic spending and goof. Oh there are a couple of the obvious one that seemed to just give it every time You know not hoping that they run a good one it they will and maybe he'll naked sensibly obvious ones. That's a lean on their Hopefully not going to have to go to even some of these races. The man i went back work crazy food for this race Nikko looks looks. You know kinda tough coming off that last win. I'm looking for a little bit of a reason. Not to play 'em Silver state after after spending the winter at that opened on is an obvious You know kind of favorite worst. He really knows with a wire is one. What five in a row. As soon as they cross the wire receiver the paddock thinking net mile. I mean this is where he was going So that's always a good thing And then i got the doctor post. I think dr posted a little bit I like the prep. Last night's Prep he's got a nice Running at mystic guide. Somebody's horses have have one. But you look back behind him. And you say whoa. They didn't eat a whole lot Not the doctor posted but He seems to be coming into a just right and And toucher knows what to do here. So i i kinda snuck on. It's not on him with she. Kind of came out of nowhere but after after over studying He he jumped off the page at me. So dr post there the race before still. I'm still mad at the tough one. The the just a game and it does every year. So i'm gonna take writes in here. I kinda liked i like Some air of the one of the chad brown You know looking at. I'm looking at always shopping. I'm learning now like everyone else Todd cannot todd can train a turf force you just mentally go through to go out and odds Forget that over the past few years and over the past few months and we each jonas that he's fine so You know maybe stairway not anymore. So keep your eye on that. I still have. I still have not Have not figured that race. Out to tell you the truth the ogden steps I heard this woke up this morning to hear that split skydivers. Yes he at well. That's how it just shows how tough it is to get these all these sources of together You know one. I i once again was gonna hit the repeat button anyway. with withdrew scout meaning. I mean Had it not a tough hard race. I think this is one of these type horses thrives on that that thrives on the on the on the action in once it look at. She's went thirteen out of eighteenth. Start you've got to want to run for that for that stuff A lot of the silly thing here of one You know fifty percent their runs. And that's why they're in these races but You know who's who's gonna ride her. Do we hear not yet. Okay so i mean obviously we want to go back and hit the hit the the button watch Watch the last race. I mean i read Who a big part of of of getting rid of the finish line first and But she thrives on it likes to be there. She likes to run. The part of the action So i i i have no problem I'm looking at her right back. And she dares the devil. I'm not gonna mention the bs word Bonnie south sioux lousy that that that train left the station exactly we could get it. It was funny. I heard you mentioned.

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