Foo Fighters to Perform for Fully-Vaccinated Fans at Full-Capacity Madison Square Garden


Right. Speaking of singers, the Foo Fighters are going to play the first full arena concert. The they're going. Uh, let's see here they the last time they did. One was in March of 2020. They're going to be in Madison Square Garden on June 20th. This is the first full capacity arena sized performance in 15 months. I noticed that there are concerts everywhere. Fenway Park is sold out for a concert. They've just started. You know, everybody's come back. Go to the ball games. So we're apparently that we're open for business now, right? Basically is that the message open for business, But at the garden, you have to show your vaccination card to get that in order to get in. Not bad. I think it's not a bad idea. No. Unless you're someone who can't get a vaccine, you know for help someone who's already had it And you just right? Yeah, I'm not sure how they're going to get around that, But that's what the rule is The fruit fighters any good anymore? Yes, Dave Girl? Yeah, I'm not. I'm a Dave Groll fan. But I'm not a foods fan. So, but I have friends who have seen them live and said they're great. And they love them. So, yeah. I mean, they're They're one of the last like arena bands, you know, that can actually sell out the garden. Who Who would be like the stones would do that you to the stones, Coldplay Foo fighters there, Billy Joel. Well, I mean, Billy Joel sells out the new kids on the block just announced they're going to do a concert at Fenway Park. There's no stretch for that. That'll be sell. That'll go over. Well, sell out in five seconds.

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