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What's up everybody. Welcome to mark bells power project podcast hosted by mark bell co-hosted by seeing and myself andrews. Air goes it's been hot made since we've done something like this In the past we've we've published marks appearances on other people's platforms on our items feed. Our podcast feed. I should say win away from it and we're coming back to today. Mark is on the fitness and fifteen clubhouse club. A club where they have over two thousand members bringing live fifteen minute workouts to clubhouse every single day it's awesome they're uk base so. We're going to hear a lot of really amazing Accents that americans just happen to love for some weird reason but anyway they they cover workouts from hit Zoo yoga body weight and so much more. Their mission is to encourage better health fitness being and mindset to anyone and everyone and it was really cool. Because there's open platform on clubhouse where you know people that were visiting. The club could stand up and ask more questions and the some really interesting questions and really mark just had a blast and we got his final thoughts at the very end. Once we got off air so make sure as a stick around for that. And that's it for me. Hope you guys enjoy this. Clubhouse interview will say with Mark bell and fitness and fifteen. Catch you guys later nick. How we doing. I'm just going to bring you up to this a speaker. No mark no way way. I'm in mark how you doing. I'm doing fantastic. How are you really woman. I'm just gonna give you the the green bean whereas andruzzi coming right there here. We're just using mark's account for everything others to of your fantastic brilliant. I go is one second. Just gonna make the moderate so just what a welcome lindsay is guys say. Lindsay is the only fifty fitness in fifteen and hosted this clubs so just wanted to say just welcome lindsay. This is mark. Martin andrew a token on the mark profile. So if you can hear two voices to become one. I love it. I absolutely love it. Thank you for taking. The reins is just wrapping up on our other brief. Just inviting some people on stage. But i'm gonna let ben very much take the reins on this as i have. Just come from an hour and a half. qna sleek ream. And i could do the little bit of rest on on on going to leave in your capable hands not be doing some of the pain show if you agree that i'm looking forward to this one guy even absolutely now just want a big thank you to market and you're too. I'm a little bit starstruck at the moment. I'm going to sell footage you for so many years. You've been here of mine for so many years. And it's a real one to have you on so we want to make this interactive as possible as say you guys very conic gives forty five minutes of your time so we just want to try and get as many questions as we can. Great to star mark those. That may not know you. Those you the in the audience would love to hear about you your story and how you got to become slingshot the power project to where you are now as a sound. Know that you've been a professional wrestler palace. The now you doing great things in business and inspiring many many people again. I'll let you take the reins man. We'll see if we can get some questions guy all right here we go so yeah all started when some asshole kicked my new york jets football into the woods and you can kind of cut to a rocky. Montage of meat training started lifting. When i was about twelve had two older brothers that were into lifting. My oldest brother was my childhood hero and He was big into football and big and lifting weights and so i followed in his footsteps and so did my brother chris. We've been a family that was Way into lifting weights way back before it was cool and not only were re into lifting weights. But we're also into powerlifting gym. That i kind of grew up in was a powerlifting type of facility although people didn't even call it powerlifting back then people were just into being big and strong and there was none of this No cardio equipment and things like that. People weren't talking about get skinny. People weren't talking about getting ripped they really just care about your performance and he cared about lifting heavy ask stuff. I started Lifting in a very young age and was immediately a little bit better than some of my friends. And i kinda recognized. Hey this is probably something that you should pursue. And so by the time i was about fourteen or so. I started compete. I broke some state. Records broke some national records and Just made me feel good about myself. And i wasn't The best in the classroom and so I had something kind of lean on or something to fall back on. That made me feel great about myself. i played a lot of Football i did track. I did boxing. I tried to do everything. I could to avoid powerlifting but it was always there. It's the girlfriend that i never wanted. That just kept coming back trying to annoy me And eventually i just gave up to it and surrendered to it and became powerlifter and eventually squad. Thousand eighty benched eight hundred fifty four pounds and dead. Lifted seven sixty six. Those are all equipped numbers. Where i wore bencher squat suit and things like that too. So people get a grasp of the type of lifting. I was doing because they might think man. Those numbers are absolutely insane. There are still heavy. No matter how you slice it but It was equipped powerlifting. At the time there was no raw power thing When i was coming through the ranks was just lifted and didn't really care what someone else War Gathered some professional wrestling for a while. And that's where i met people like john cena. The rock got to rub elbows with a lot of great individuals. And that kind of stuff. Help me recognize that. There's many different levels of success and there's many different levels of Genetics and all those kinds of things and it's been helpful for me to have that past Moving into the things that i do now and then also with professional wrestling. You have to have the gift of gab and be able to talk in front of people and That was tremendous in my development of being able to speak and once i got into powerlifting more as an adult i was like you know. I need to film this stuff. I need to share this with people. People are gonna think this dope. And so i started a youtube channel in two thousand seven. Probably about a year after youtube even started and Ben on social media from the jump and that is something that helped me to be known and then also something that helped me to be known as the film bigger stronger faster than my brother. Chris bell directed and People may know me from that or they may know me for my invention which is the slingshot a Support upper by device for bench. Press push ups and dips. And now i have a complete line of stuff that behind that elbow sleeves niece sleeves hip circles and so forth. And i guess kinda the rest is history from there so some people know me as a creator of some products some know me as a powerlifter and some people now me from the film bigger stronger faster about whatever i mean. I've i've i've folded for quite a few years and obviously now the success of sling. Charming up on your products as well and you know it's massive around the world but would you think was to become so successful from just be arrest.

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