The Aftermath of That Global Internet Outage

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Listeners. Mike schneider here i'm brett. Molina and welcome back to talking tech. If you were up early tuesday morning than likely noticed. Several big websites like amazon read it twitch even usa. Today were down as part of a massive global internet outage the roughly hour-long disruption has been linked back to the cloud content company. Fastly saying it was caused by service configuration. That they've since disabled. That's right bread so most of us have not heard of fastly. But it's a san francisco based content delivery network or cdn now. Other big cd ends are amazon. Miami cloud fair and what they do companies such just the new york times. Usa today get hub. Pinterest and others is a thousands of computer servers around the us and around the globe where they cash or store content so when you click and want to read a story or page or watch a video. It's faster than if you had to go to new york or wherever the online site is in the physical world now. It's likely interruptions like this. What happened again and again. Because so much of what we do now involves cloud computing with everything from the software with which we communicate with our coworkers to our entertainment systems to on online delivery. And all these things we do on our phones now redundancy of networks having backup systems probably prevent outages from happening more often in the experts. I talked to about the situation suggest. That's a lesson we should all take personally for instance. If you only have important files on your computer or they're stored in the cloud you might want to add. Another layer of redundancy. So maybe a second computer holds copies of the files and they're encrypted or perhaps you store them on an external hard drive or usb memory stick and keep them somewhere not at your

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