A highlight from THE MOVIE REVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA - 06 - 08 - 2021

Double Toasted


King ruled the day law. Go not would have double toast. We do an opera extravaganza. Obviously not musical manuel. Miranda you get the rapid if you want to. The movie review disturbance good was born. Welcome to the soul. The movie extravaganza is what the show is only takes all over here. He's feeling he. He liked my music. I do the spirit of it. Thank you because that's all you got to. That killed key making out a lot more still dance. I'm willing to say he was still go. Oh me me me doing the today. People walk to this show we go. It's got to have your ear. It's good to be back. And i have been able to do quite a few shows this weekend. But that's all right because you

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