The Importance of a Detox Program Before a Weight-Loss Program


So here's my perfect diet. Roadmap and really. I wanna just break this apart. Diets are things you do short term to get a result to learn something about yourself to be therapeutic that move you into an eating plan and so when you think about. Gosh what's the first thing you should do. Assess where you're at your wait. What's your body fat. What you're hip and waist measurement. How's your energy. How's your focus. How's your skin. How's your pain and inflammation gas and bloating like take inventory and then let's add before you take away. Let's start improving the quality of our diet but adding more non starchy vegetables by adding more fiber by adding more water in between meals. Next thing is to do a detox. It is so important. And i love the bet. Patricia asked this question. Is it's so important that your body is detoxifying. Well prior to starting a weight loss program because ideally a weight loss program is a fat loss program. And here's the thing. Toxins are stored in our fat. And so if you start to free up fat to get it out of your body you're going to free up toxins and you better make sure that you are getting those out of your body right because if you free up and don't get it out you make yourself feel worse and be worse than before. Now here's the thing that happens with toxins they're stored in your fat. Your body tries to hold onto that fat and cool things off. Lower your metabolism right Impact your thyroid and your insulin. So your body will do that as a protective

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