Lying Is Good for Your Heart? Ron Burgundy Explains


Remember. I grew up very poor with none of the advantages you've had. I didn't have a tube of chocolate ice cream running into my mouth all day. Long the way you did carolina. I didn't have your dry skin problem. Either oh we could afford growing up was an old phil co radio really i. I don't think that's true. Well i could be lying. I do a lot of lying. You know you know that. it's good for the circulation. Eighty percent of all doctors will admit that a few lies. -oday will contribute to good heart health. You've heard that right. i have no it. Gets you excited. Nervous will my wife discover my secret. Letters will the irs find out. My podcast is a front for money. Laundering i mean. The medical community is divided. More research needs to be done. But it's basically been proven true lying nice on the body. It's proven jesus which woman what are you. I mean you're catching every one of my lives. Today i'm lying with great power authority and it's no match for your which he powers i give up.

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