A highlight from 12: Vanished in Midair: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370


Strangers from campsite media chameleons new second season high rollers tells the cd story of operation. Bo talks and fbi undercover investigation designed to catch money launderers hosted by investigative journalist. Trevor aaronson this new season uses fbi undercover recordings that take listeners on a journey inside a two year sting operation that goes off the rails in ways both tragic and comic set in sin city. Las vegas nothing comes short to this mind-blowing heist that involves all the classic vegas highs and lows high rollers get involved in a money laundering scheme and informant runs his own scams a reported love triangle strippers and millions at stake. Like exactly what you see in the movies except this actually happened. It's an investigative thriller that challenges listeners to consider and question the enormous unchecked powers of the fbi and federal agents decisions to investigate unsuspecting americans the rogue fbi agents party in vegas on chameleon. Second season high rollers launches. On tuesday june fifteenth on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher

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