T Mobile Arena, Joel Edmundson And Montreal Canadians discussed on Zach Gelb Show


USA Network defeated the Montreal Canadians by a score of 4 to 1 to get the opener of their best of seven semifinal series at the T Mobile Arena. It was packed. It was loud. It was a heck of a hockey game Three Vegas demon. Your goals and the haves gave the nights four power plays, which put them really out of their rhythm early, something that needs to change, says Montreal demand Joel Edmundson, that I thought we had a good first period and then, uh, We just took too many families and gave them the momentum and obviously are killers are gonna you know they're playing a lot of hockey. So, uh, it's tiring killing, especially, uh, it gets a power play like that, So we just got to limit our our families and you know when we do that were effective pocket team, Vegas head coach Peter de Boer says his guys had to shake off some early cobwebs. I think a feeling out process. I think us coming off. Real emotional series when playing a couple Games more than they obviously played. So I think all those things factored into the first period and You know, Thankfully, flower was our best player gave us a chance to get our legs and then you know, I really liked her game in the 2nd and 3rd. And some big early stops by Knights goaltender Marc Andre Fleury. Really a nice job there, flower He really did do a nice job. Believe me, and he'll tell you later sometime about that.

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