A highlight from Spurs-Roma Manager Swap?



Welcome into the latest edition of espn c k. Murray joined in the studio by stevie nicole will also have said lo and jillian lauren with us and a little later on. We'll be hearing from allen merano as we look ahead to copper america if it is to go ahead but we start by talking about the managerial merry-go-round it as being in full swing already this summer and the latest reports coming out is that it's pretty much a swap job between roma. And so we josie marino is going to romer. It looks as though paulo fonseca will be heading to spurs gills. What do you know about this. Why carry it. It's very advanced chechen. Now between Borrow funds that guy. He's agent and leave in and spurs. He's not the first choice. Of course not even second third maybe even fourth however they need to find someone with the direction with an idea with a project and i think takes off the books. He's a wasp post wanted. He will play also the young players. He has a very strong identity. The kind of what. He wants his team to play with the roma. There was some really good things. Romance some not so good. I think in the end. He's he's someone with a very strong percentet`y

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