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In the Bay Area, Davis tells KTV you their bomb squad has been activated in regards with the bomb information. The suspicious devices. We're using all the resources that we can from using a robot's X ray devices in one night and with conjunction with federal agencies, we have resource is out there to figure out what's going on. The attacker was identified as 57 year old Sam Cassidy. Investigators offered no immediate word on a motive. The summer travel season is approaching or is it aired? Travel within the U. S is nearly back to 2019 levels, pre pandemic. But what about international travel? The U. S still bars most visitors from Europe, China, India, Brazil and some other countries, too. The State Department calls most of the world's countries high risk. Even US citizens returning from international travel have to pass a covert test. But the travel industry is running out of patience with this. Spokeswoman Torie Emerson Barnes, pointing out more people are getting cove in shots and the infection rate is decreasing, she says. It's critical for the economy to reopen international travel. I'm Rita. Fall way. The Justice Department is announcing criminal charges against more than a dozen people from Florida to California in a serious of Medicare scams that exploited coronavirus fears to build tens of millions of dollars in bogus claims. Common hook involved a variant of identity theft. Fraudsters allegedly offered covet 19 tests to get the Medicare numbers of unsuspecting patients and then use that information to bill

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