How Becs Gentry Trained for The Olympic Trials Through Work and the Pandemic


You started seriously training were you. Obviously you are a running coach in every possible sense of that word. You've coached others. You coach yourself. Were you coaching yourself. This or did you work with a coach. A friend or someone else to put together a training plan specifically for the trials. So i tried for the collar of weeks that say To train myself and i think from just having so much time off of being in a training schedule and we didn't stop teaching Over a couple of weeks right at the start of the pandemic where we needed to reset and figure out what we were doing. So what for me was pretty regular nomo. I was out of sync with how to get my training scheduled in line with what schedule and winter to be blunt. Yeah neo-windsor it was. The thick of it was just that point where it's cold wet at night december november where the wind. I live pretty close to the wolves. It feels like. It's always windy. So i i think my boyfriend kind of so may struggling with structure. I try and do it. And then i kind of didn't care if i didn't do the workout i had prescribed myself because there was no accountability and he suggested a friend of his This is his austin stephen cash he is a base. I mean makes medical training. Look easy. he's returning for hundred minor western states. He runs hundred mile starring fifty miles plus races an average of six ten pace retrial. Down innovation. he's a freezer pretty pretty cool guy. And he lives out in arizona so he has the elevating his messy I'm not giving him an easy pass. But he really hard worker in a fantastic or not. So austin Why don't you speak to cash your friends. See what you can do in his attitude to training is so intense but so relaxed and we got on from the first time we sat down on a coal not just a friend co like a coaching cold. I knew he. He's gonna coach. He's going to be the guy who gets

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