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Honest with you as much as i support black women. No i don't know man. I don't know if i could advocate for public bonnets. How you feel about is the public man. I know it's three knicks on the company with a sundress of forgiveness. Why would be a company with a sunday with balanced flow flow. Matt is a man of few words today but very poignant would it is very very easy visit to the mall of freedom about on it. I mean i like we were talking about before i suppose it depends on the context like bonnets. Plus you know sweatpants to the grocery doesn't sound that crazy but that story. You told like you might have to retell that story so let me taste them. Because why would you go in jeans. If you've got if you've got a bonnet why would you put genes. Aw defeats everything. I was Story man in my former career. That i retired from. 'cause that's how i'm brandon it now and my former career. I was incubating a nonprofit deaths from the area. Meaning that Within the nonprofit. I was working with. We were providing funding stats data. Kids etc does nonprofit can go from ground zero to you know maybe second third floor forget what they wanna do they would they funded and stuff right so as we are Get ready to sign a new contract and it's actually signing date. Signed a new contract or how much money they're going to get How put them in positions how we putting him given rewards etc etc. These two young ladies. It was noon. They told me earlier that they had a Awards ceremony they were attending. And i was like i said just didn't i invite but could don't Right right exactly cool These two young ladies. And will you. Gary beat with the president of the company the executive director who is my direct boss at the time. They came in pajama pants and balance. Both of them and i was like Deflated why putting me in this position. Because i know the question is going to come like. Hey be how you feel about them and their dress attire today and we know or at least you should know that professionalism is another agent of of whiteness so whether my perspective so the rationale. Hey we have this award show coming up. We're in bonnets and stuff as prepping going through makeup and whatnot and we stop by the office the next day and they woke up late type over just like a plan. Like yo y'all gonna meet on this date in. They showed up on this. We had the meeting was dumped like six months. Like it's the whole tracker that we put out. Yeah me so the was coming in. I i guess i i could see the excuse of. Oh we got the award ceremony so we wanna come makeup but like yes when you propose earlier. He didn't give you the use case that they'd be in office like around corporate sponsors in higher ups. I was thinking outside but see unlike georgia avenue. The reason i'm battling is because in in this conversation. The public conversation happening about bonus right now in the public. Conversation is being framed that every other demographic gets to walk around with messy hair or bed air like whatever the hair is when they wake up and it almost becomes a fashion statement right but black women have to have these protective stage and protective agents and styles and devices including the bonnet that even when worn in public ridiculed for that. So the i think the i think. The bonnet conversation stems from the marginalization of black women. As much as i agree there black mid matters like you don't have to be perfect. Should be respected. Black minute matters yeah. That's my thing man. I've trademarking marketed. To baby home. Hold on black mid matters. Mid mid ranking is being a quality point like not everything that black folks do has to be excellent. You've got standard right. So as much as i think that you know you should. You should be able to be imperfect and still be respected. I think the body taking to bonnet dynasty dylan accessory at the end of the day. But you know so. I got to say on as well. We have this impasse over the show. Podcast is your chance to eavesdrop on three professional craters as discussed the sources happenings.

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