Elon Musk Moves Ratings As Host of ‘Saturday Night Live’


The ratings are in for E. long musk and his appearance on Saturday Night Live during his monologue you on musk boasted about running Tesla and space X. now he can brag about boosting TV ratings for Saturday Night Live the ratings for his show average seven point three million viewers according to Nielsen that makes it the third most watched episodes for the season for the NBC comedy show the only wants to do better with the ones that were hosted by Dave Chapelle and Chris rock those two still have a must when it comes to comedy chops any praise for the billionaire's punch lines and deliveries during the show we're not like a rich person's foundation's charitable another area must fell short in touting doge coin the value of that cryptocurrency fell after the show aired in part because must did a comedy did in which he called it a hustle I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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