DeFi 101, Yield Farming, and Building Crypto Communities



First of all i want to say thank you to all of our listeners. Or making crypto one and one podcast part of your weekly routine and also driving us up the charts bryce. I don't know if you even know this. But we are now in the top twenty cripple podcasts. All united states business ahead of some things even like jim cramer's mad money. Know what what. Your time misspoke. We're not the top. Twenty of the crypto podcasts. In the us for the top twenty business pod guests in the us. That's right that's right so that's a new hole for us. We're official people are paying attention to what we say. We have to be careful well. I think it has anything to do with us. It's about the market in about the kick ass guests that all come on like our guest. Today they are the real stars of the show. And i'm really happy that we've got someone else who goes by a moniker. By pseudonym we have read from the harvest finance community the community manager. Welcome to the crypto one-to-one podcast. Hey thanks for having me. Now that we've got The world watching us. We're gonna talk about some degen stuff. Really get people what they need to know to be successful in this world. But we're not gonna talk about doj we're not gonna talk about The latest Cute coin that's we're gonna talk about some of this actually delivering real value. Some honest work. If you will Give us the origin story of yield farming. What is this who came up with it and then a high level. What's actually going on here. Why i don't know exactly who invented you'll farming per se. I think it was really popularized by andrea kranji when he learned Launched the the wiron in product which is basically kind of like under this a fair launch paradigm. Wear instead of an aco an initial coin offering. Where maybe a project was trying to say. Hey here's our project will sell you a bunch of tokens with andrea crown. Jewels project. you could just deposit some liquidity at that project. And then over time they would reward you With ownership tokens or the governance tokens of the wire and platform without actually having to exchange like your valuable theory him For with potentially could be a worthless token right. So you're essentially gaining these tokens for free by simply providing liquidity to their system.

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