Vaccination Clinic Near Boston ‘Takes Fear Away and Adds Fun’


Week from today. The goal now is to vaccinate as many people as possible. WBZ TV is Christina Rex in Chelsea, with vaccinations up and hospitalizations down in communities hit hardest by covert 19 like here in Chelsea. Things are starting to look up just one week before the state reopen its It looks like a carnival, which balloon animals and slushies believe it or not. This is a Chelsea vaccine clinic, so it's a perfect way to take the fear away and add fun and get people vaccinated. In the final push of Massachusetts effort to stop the spread of covert vaccinations are focused on hard hit communities like Chelsea and on kids. It didn't hurt at all. Honestly, 13 year old Melissa Salgueiro just got her first doats and 11 flushing. It's really nice, honestly, cause they're giving out free stuff, and that's really nice of them. Massachusetts is a U. S leader in vaccinations with 4.2 million people having at least one dose of the vaccine and nearly 3.4 million fully vaccinated. Amazing. I'm obviously so proud of

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