A highlight from 3410: God Is a Woman w/ Sarah Baker


You can have whatever you like shit. we're live. welcome to keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley hamdan. This just came in the news. Ti rapper and Tiny are now accused of drugging and assaulting multiple women. I jut of all the songs of all of all the songs i would start anyway also in the wire charles grodin is that i'm just about to reenact the whole movie. Beethoven rate hello. Everybody welcome i. Don't want to scare you. But paul mooney as well. But it's three so we're good for like a week. I good. it's started off pretty heavy ladies and gentlemen. Today's guest is skilled actor. skilled comedian. To love her she was on the kaminsky method. She's mindy kamensky for god's sakes michael douglas's daughter big little lies brooklyn nine nine bob's burgers and disfavored grayson frankie here. She is sarah baker. Allow for having me guys you being here not supposed to guys anymore already really badly. That's a tough one to give up. Right i noticed for me saying you guys. And i'm like Is maybe because. I miss 'gendering that's a positive who cares. You're all guys right. 'cause we're all everybody now. I think you're supposed to say folks folks is a good one sweet. I've switched the folks. Did this fairly recently. Koenders told me more than once. I say ladies and gentlemen i'm trying not man. That's a tough one. Yeah yeah there's also things you can say to your friends like you know. I have friends that i call grow or like. Hey you know which that's fine but then you have to take it out like when your mom raises you like not to burp loudly. Because then you'll be in a restaurant and forget that you can't do it there you know. It's the same thing a favorite come to tell her how much you loved. Grayson. frankie franky. Almost insulting sarah. You've been ill in huge roles and you are an incredible actor. Incredible comedic gain to which i think is very hard And remembering your one or two lines in grayson frankie. Because i'm such a big fan fan of that show and you and i even like pretty much. Have it memorized really wrong. Just move your fork over to the left real areas. Because i feel like. I've seen a once a not insulted all come on but also i mean jeez louise those two women and sam elliott seventy five year old dream boat. Sam elliott was there on the day. I was there. Yeah and you're right there with them. Is that nerve wracking. Oh totally i mean. I feel like just not being a famous person. I've been around a lot of famous people through work and you kind of just put yourself in the mind set up like look. I'm in this scene with them. I can't just be like looking at them. You know you have to participate but that one was fun. Because i mean of course i love jane fonda but i have since i was a kid i have loved lily tomlin and i didn't have a scene with her or anything but when i went for the fitting she was getting fitted at the same time for it was either right before like the ami's or the skirt and i think she and jane were presenting and she was getting or maybe they were nominated anyway. She's getting fitted for like a tuxedo. Because of course she's the coolest. And i could hear her voice just like a room over and i was like daw blaming so much getting my stuff together like i said to the cost of results. Do you think she'll come out of the room at all. She was like i don't know were right in the middle of things you can doing some kind of power move and being like oh look. You're in this to not even for a second. I mean i just met but power moved and may zero overlap. But i i. She was nice. They're like oh you can. We can introduce you if you want. And i was like. I don't know if you guys have ever had this. Where you you meet somebody sort of in the wrong way and then you're like oh just ruined it. I should have just waited until it was like a natural. So i was like. I don't wanna do it because of this goes badly l. Feel and she's like having a fitting. It's not like i didn't. I didn't do it but i did. Get some aid. Jane fonda. Who was it was right after the first So gross i think of now but like after the first republican debates the first debate where trump was way back when and she came in wanting to talk politics with everybody me i was like is she talking. She's like and what did you think. Did you watch like. I'm talking politics of jane fonda crazy when they made it easy to you know like yeah fuck them hard to get into any like intricacies. There were terrible right and all of them is not talking about the housing department. Talk big shit. Can do me a favor and some up vincent for sarah if you please gentle friend that russia's High in drunk. So vincent is a person who's been listening to the show and recently started writing. I think he wrote two or three meals at this point Keith is probably going to update us from there so far. What we know about him is. He had a meth addiction. While on meth he and his girlfriend were on mess. He hit her. He went to jail. He listened to us in jail. The face and cut off her hair with a knife is cutting is the six. That's what's more wild. Yes then there was some kind of a second in ci through what was She's hot oil on his dick because he was cooking Naked but when i asked about that apparently wasn't boiling hot and also meth helps you get over the pain of your dick being on fire. So i know yeah. There are details that you're missing. But i do feel like you're generally caught up with the high points or the low points and he he he wrote his first email drunk and then was like. But i'm i'm i'm doing well now amount of jail. I'm doing good. I'm like you know that you wrote this email. And then he followed up with Sobre she mails. Here's the latest might be the last one. The subject is no one the shut the fuck up. Usually he likes sarah l. I can't tell keeping and by the way you're so good at explaining crazy okay. That started off so good. I was like what am i. Good at going to explain as we go along. I listened to last week. Keith and the girl the wrap up show that we do expecting to hear about my emails. I was not disappointed. My guy that tips rod. Okay in his show is the black who tips is. He is it. A is a racial thing. Is he being funny guy that tips. I think he's trying to be chummy. Okay what's up. Ming and then parentheses mang scarface says man. I probably shouldn't say my guy anyway. So also he sold his backspace key for math. Apparently you could. You could add it. i'm gonna make. This is short as possible. I'm not gonna tell any more stories. Because if i do end up on keith. And the girl on on the wrap up show we said. Hey what if we do talk to him for literally. Five ten minutes. If i do end up. I don't want to repeat my stories. He's a professional Okay he's l'artiste. If can believe it. keith. I am quite worse than your dad.

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