Police Catch Drug Dealer Thanks to Photo of Cheese


For a long time. Carl Stewart, now a convicted drug dealer. Apparently criminals around the globe have been using an encrypted chat program to discuss their crimes and other topics. But police hacked it. I've been monitoring it since last summer. That's how they saw Stuart Post to pick of his favorite cheese, A mature blue still Tim from a fancy British market. They were able to process his fingerprints and his palm prints from this photo on this encrypted chat program to confirm who it was now what I have not found yet. I've looked in multiple stories. I still don't know all of the dots here like how do they then go to the market and find out who bought it And where I don't know how they eventually got him in custody. But this picture began the process. And then he was sentenced to 13 years in jail for dealing Coke, Agena and heroin and M D M A. And it all started with him just posted a picture of his hand. Holding his favorite cheese going.

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