A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 5/27/21--Guest Chris Sorenson


Longtime known as the dark horse on horse racing nation been wanting to have croissant for a little while. I feel like i talked to him about it before. But we're finally getting around to it and we'll talk s'mores playing stuff betting stuff a little bit about his just kinda history in the game but He is someone who i have seen. And i'll take a little bit of blame for it of change. His approach to horse playing horse racing and some of that is through stuff that i've talked with him about her stuff. He's heard on the show. And i thought it would be kind of interesting to have a conversation with someone who has tried to make some changes that we talk about. I shouldn't have changed some of the things we talk about here on the show. And hopefully someone who. It's worked out in a positive way for so you know i don't want to say it's like pumping our own tires because it's not But i think it's i think making that shift in how you approach the races hard because it's so many of us are very tied into our methodology and our beliefs and our processes and all that kind of stuff and that goes for me too and so i always fascinated and really i mean making changes in your life in general is not easy. You know. i've been trying to make dietary changes. Last years and exercise have changes in the exercise ones. I feel like have have really stuck like i. Just don't feel good unless i you know. Take a good long walk. Or if i go up and walk the hill by the house here to go do my. Trx wait rope. things. I just don't feel as good so now it's become a habit and i feel mentally better when i do that to. The dietary stuff has been a little bit more of a challenge. But i feel like it's gotten better slowly and is now you know in a decent place because you know what i'm seeing progress on weight loss which is great but just making any kind of change in your life. I feel like heart were so as humans. I think we're creatures of repetition of habit. I read an article recently. About how i can't i it's been i shouldn't say recently spent a little one. I can't remember if it was specifically americans but it was more so people in twenty twenty one about how we are not used to discomfort and we don't tolerate it very well and we don't sit with it very well and i was for years the king of not sitting with discomfort very well my whole anxiety issue was. I'm uncomfortable. I gotta leave or got to do something different. Or i'm just in trouble instead of and when i finally just accepted whatever was happening and just didn't run from it. It's amazing how fast it started to just not happen. And i think there's a little bit of truth that i've always complain about hot weather. I don't like it. I like committee. But the more i just dealt with it okay. I'm going to be uncomfortable for few minutes or a half hour or whatever it is but i'm going to get through it and the midnight like stop fighting it. Everything got easier. I think there's a little bit of that with some of our processes in imbedding or handicapping or just the gabe in general you know and making those changes away from us habits and and you know when we talk about throwing out favorites and not hedging and stuff like that like those are things for some people and a lot of people who those aren't comfortable things we what comfort right. The hedge bet is our comfort. we know. hey. I'm alive for five six seven thousand but if i lose at least now i'm going to get my money back or i'll make a couple hundred either way. That's that's so much easier even though long-term of course it's going to hurt you. Tolerating comfort is hard and takes a lot of practice. I'm still practicing at you. Know we're all we're all works in progress out there but anyway so we'll talk about a lot of these topics psychology stuff execution stuff with With chris coming up in just a few months. It's a pretty long conversation. Think we went about forty minutes. So i won't go too long in the intro. Of course the jury is going to be back tomorrow and we will look ahead to some of the weekend action. Coming up you know re stakes races entered up at santa anita i saw the stakes entries for churchill. Come out this weekend looking pretty good talk maybe a little bit about day at monmouth opening weekend i should say i think they got twelve races on the saturday cards. We'll talk some but That and of course you know as we get into the weekend we'll certainly watch what happens at monmouth and there's just seems like that's been the the big topic the other thing coming up this weekend and i honestly friday night is the pen mile. Which had kind of forgotten about penn nationals one of those tracks where it just. It rarely crosses my radar. I don't you know they start about three. Pm my time. and so. that's usually where. I'm kind of you know unless the saturday i mean. Obviously i'm watching but like during the week that's usually when i'm putting together the show and you know just kind of checking out with racing for the day and so i just don't get to watch a lot of it and i know that racist producer. Pretty good runners. Three hundred thousand dollars up for grabs degree to on the grass. It's gonna get some some decent runners and so the best of ohio coming up this weekend. I should give a little shout out to the folks bell. Tara park the the regular best of ohio. I kind of i think they switch it around from track to track but at river this year belt. Hair part. i'm not. I'm not one of those guys who's like stubborn about names. I remember when i would tell people. Oh i'm going to call at gulfstream. Park west calder mike. No gulfstream park west. That's what that's what it's called now be called her. And i'm like okay but then i totally do that dance. But i'm not stubborn about like i'll correct myself. Oh yeah bill tear park. But i'm like that with stadiums too. So maybe i shouldn't give the people who yelled at me about called her grief. Because like i still call the mariners stadium safeco field. Even though i think it's t mobile park now like the corporate sponsor thing like no but i feel like nobody's married to a corporate sponsor name like when it's you know what it's tiger stadium. It

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