A highlight from ... And Stuff | 5/28/21

Pat Gray Unleashed


Being here. We end the long cruel week together. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also at pat unleashed on twitter. We're joined by jeffey. Of course as usual on friday are things. Jeff you've got the vaccination yet fantastic. No still vaccine still in the vaccine is a tint. You trying to kill people trying to do the deal. No i'm not trying to kill on that really i. It's not trying to kill people. And i don't wanna die so so then what you're deal. What is your deal so then get in there and get it done. Why don't you go to ohio on you. Load easies ratio getting a lottery up there. I know i know the lottery in ohio. I think they're starting a lottery in california. Now oh yeah we're all the vaccine vaccinated people that are safe and good be great it will great it will as will these six trillion dollar budget That's going to be proposed today. That will be great as well. Just spending a whole bunch of money which is great. Because what are you saying. We got to spend money not to go bankrupt. Yeah that's what i'm telling you. That's what i'm telling you. Biden will propose a six trillion dollar budget. Today that would take the united states to its highest sustained levels of federal spending since world war. Two great

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