Should You Give Your Partner the Password to Your Phone

Talking It Out


Talking it out. We all discuss you know. Relationships love sex you know. That's that's what it's all about on this episode on this earth podcast and today. I wanna talk about privacy and boundaries interrelationship and it re. It's related to a tweet. That bowel had or he just he just pretty much put out there. Fellas does your girl have the password to your phone. He just asked the question. Does your girl have the password. I'll preface this by saying that. I gave to my password just before this podcast. Because i knew no. I'm kidding i'm kidding Actually we tote have each other's passwords. But it's not an issue for us like we're solid. We trust each other. You know we don't give each other any reason to think otherwise right. So my take on the subject is if you're in a committed relationship and you have nothing to hide and the conversation comes up fellas. I'm sorry. give up the password and for the ladies. Same thing goes for you. I mean fifty fifty. It's fair you got to give up your password as well and then go from there. What do you guys think. This complete trust then. There should be no reason. Like i'm an all in kind of person like i have nothing to hide. Everything's on the table. And i would have no problem with giving the guy that i'm dating my password to my phone. If we're at that point you know but if it's an early on like honeymoon phase. I don't know if that's that trust has been able to be gained yet to do that nothing. I'm hiding something. But it's just unnecessary for you to know every little aspect of my life. If we're not in that position in our

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