How to Hire a B2B Saas Marketing Leader

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As i said off the top one of the keys to marketing success is a partnership between the ceo and the head of marketing now recently hired a new director of marketing. Can you give me some insight about the recruiting and hiring process. How did you do the search. How long does it take. And how do you see creating that win win. Partnership a loaded question many different assets. But i would be really interested in learning about that whole journey from having no head of marketing to having a new head of marketing. It's a loaded question now. It was also interesting. Jenny hoagie hide. And it also came based on a lot of mistakes made in my previous attempts of hiring. So this is. It would be unfair to say. This was the first time we tried to hire out. There were attempts. i'd done in the past and they did not work and the number one lesson i had learned back then based on those experiences will as you too to hard the fit for the company of the stage. Very what and it was not aboard. The reason that's on the previous candidates did not work out was not about david not great candidates but because they were crawley mismatch between the expectations or denigrated certain stage of the company. And where we're at. So one of the goals that i had was to find someone who is hustler at this early stage company. How can how more generalists rather than specialists approach. Super that kind of personal.

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