A highlight from STATE FUNERAL (Sergei Loznitsa; 2019)


Fill each one thoughtfully handpicked from new directors to award witness beautiful interesting incredible movies. There's always something new to discover right now on movie you can watch said gay. Loose-knit says state funeral a stunning archive will vision of the soviet union. In the days after joseph stalin's death and subject all of this of the show to try movie free. For thirty days you can visit movie dot com slash reuss fouls that's m. ub dot com slash reuss files for entire month of incredible cinema free of charge school cigarettes. Good guy catching his night up. Hi my name's allie. And this is the roosevelt podcast where we watch russian films and films with a russian connection as a lace i am joined by a guest and today my guest is stops andrey since high kristaps. Thanks very much for joining me. Great things comet. I using the traditional eastern border greasy. Yeah notes it's it's a delight to finally get you on the show so for folks who haven't come across the eastern border. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Kristaps well I'm a podcast from lafayette. I live literally on the eastern border normally literally twenty kilometers from russian border and we used to be in the soviet union. You might have heard of that country at some point. It comes up. We'll twice on this show. So i so what i do is try to make a podcast about how it was really like to live in the country there and also have branched out due to listen to requests into talking about that is other historical subjects concerning russia and all the eastern eastern european region in general sometimes talking about balkans. Well what visited. And then i have to talk about russian politics now then is gonna say current affairs as well because they have to make an episode of that each month because i truly feel that sometimes people from the western countries journalists there. They just get the gist from third party. Sources or something and there's a lot of content which is exclusively in russian. And i follow all the russian position media and i want to bring out some some true studies from that as well so my show's all about the history and modern day russian politics but not in the boring boring sense of traditional news because i tend to cherry pick. My studies actually interesting. Meanwhile it's also it's also quite depressing sometimes but then again. What isn't

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