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And julio jones this off season but here you see it makes sense any potential deal take place after four o'clock hits tomorrow by waiting until that time teams are then able to spread out their dead money chargers across the next two seasons instead just the twenty twenty one lee. Here clock is officially picking four. Pm tomorrow and welcome in the nfl. Live alongside me comes. Ed barker spears. And kimberly martin. I am yield. Yates and as the entire. Nfl world waits to see which team and he's up for. Julio jones one has come into focus the seattle seahawks is according to espn zone. Racine sea hawks and falcons have had discussions about a tree that we send a star white out to seattle while russell wilson and jones have spoken over the phone over recent weeks about the possibility of playing together. Russell wilson isn't one to rely on his tight ends and running back. In fact he registered the league's best. Qbr targeting wide receivers last season completing over seventy percent of his attempts for twenty eight touchdowns. Just five interceptions gordon to keep in mind that seattle did not have picking twenty twenty one and won't again and twenty twenty two because of the jamal adams heels so they could be again following the rams model of just selling those first round picks win now pieces. I can see many times and she is already smiling about this possibility. Mean is it's smarts. Free your seahawks. Jones is a smart field. Maybe should they do it anyways. I thinks so. Or at least i think the on the phone. We're gonna talk about aaron rodgers later in the show as we do often these days and the rift medium and the packers and what the organization could have done to a boy getting in this situation with their quarterback seattle right now has the opportunity to make moves to avoid going down that road the packer in with rogers and is it responsible. No it's not responsible. you said it. I mean they've already given away draft picks From a perspective. I actually think they can afford it. Julio's not particularly expensive acid year but the absence of young talent on their roster will cost them in the future. But it's not about the future. When you got russell wilson and you wanna make him happy and you want to compete and boy compete with. This would be top three offense in the nfl and to me that is their best path to a super bowl is having a top three offense so i think seattle should definitely be in the mix. I don't know if it's realistic. But they should put in the call. Listen made a when. I play in that league for nine years. One thing that stood the test of time with a bunch of coaches in the nfl. What have you done for me lately. And every team that has an opportunity to get. Julio jones should do it. I you know i am about the cap. Let's not go there. Julio's seattle seahawks who would catapult them to being the number one team in their division. Yes i said it. Because i believe that much in russell wilson. I believe that much. In how much of a match up nightmare that will be with him. And decay makeup on the outside and tyler lockett in the slot unguardable. You got three guys. That's unguarded and i know jalen ramsey is over there with the los angeles rams and jalen cassette down. What half of the field. But what do you do when you got two guys on both halves of the field do you have enough people and when you look at this division that's built. We're really good defenses. if you're going to be seattle and the and the probably the fourth ring defense not probably the fourth ring defense in this division. You better try to outscore people. I would feel very confident that russell. Wilson decay metcalfe and tyler lockett would be able to outscore people in this division. Julio seattle you gotta pick your poison and rather whether you pick the poison the decay. Cav or tyler lockett. Don't get bit by that damn snake. They julio jones. Aj browns out here campaigning to acquire jones. Meanwhile it's his college teammate. Dick metcalf who could actually make it happen. Kimberly whether it's about a seahawks. And julio jones trade or just julio jones trained in general what are people around leaks saying about the possibility. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you and. I bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geiko dot com. Wnba is on its way back playing basketball in a pandemic looks like this. No maths feet apart. Took put yourself in harm's way decision. We're dedicating this season. To ron taylor. The unity that we were able to experience with something that we won't forget and we can lean on as we move forward. I would do it all over again because bigger than me to figure than my teammates. Espn films presents one forty four presented by honda streaming on espn plus field. Everybody says julio jones phenomenal but the price is too high a lot of teams is foaming said a one. Ooh i don't know if i would love to add them however given up one top tier draft capital. I don't know i'm hesitant to do it. Because of his age the injury history. I know two teams in particular the ravens. And the la rams like they would like to add. Julio jones but again it's about the price and if you're if you're an opposing team and you're looking at adding. Julio jones you know the falcons are desperate to move him desperate to sign their draft class. You might look and say why would we give up a one. We know how desperate you are. You need to bring that price down. So it'll be interesting to see what he actually does. Go field raising your hand in there to get back in with something or is that me making things up. Yeah man. I'm i'm just i'm i'm giving up a one that's all i want to say i'm giving up a what. Yeah deal with known. That's that's just me. I'm a guy that likes to deal with the one thing. I do know boring health. That's the question for every player in the nfl. Bad nobile olds go round draft pick. Yes yes percents would know. We know when he's healthy. When when he's healthy there are few receivers who are better. The question another team has to ask itself is do you know. Do you know swag goo let he will be healthy. You don't know you know that you might get one year you get four years but as one. Nfl head coach told me that you're playing with fire. Because when wide receivers when corners drop they drop off quick. So it's got to be a team that is that is on the doorstep of the super bowl that feels it is right there and julio puts them over the edge but they're few teams that fit that bill. Yeah i'll just say one more thing about seattle. In addition to pleasing russell wilson which. I think you can't underestimate you. Don't want to have that kind of drama. They had earlier in the season. Another reason why. I think they should be happy they signed. Julio is that it means they're going to continue throwing the football you know. There's a lot of jokes around this team. And how much a run heavy they were in the past. Last year they were passing on early downs at a rate higher than most of the nfl. You're not trading a first or second for julio jones to go back to the old pound the rock philosophy you got right you sometimes. Four wide receivers on the field on many downs and i think for seattle. That is the best way to approach the offense. I can just see pete carroll sitting here

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