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Pat Gray Unleashed


Path grade is here on the radio network. Good morning america friday. We had a lot of stuff going on today. And we're gonna have some fun. There's some really fun things to share with you to get you into your weekend. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three ninety-three ended pat unleashed on twitter. Some good news the The middle east. It's calmed down a little bit. They signed a ceasefire Ceasefire deal that stopped fighting. The rockets stop from gaza and israel stopped responding. So says biden's piece right. Well he certainly has taken credit for it even though this was actually brokered by egypt. Yes so but. His people stood by watch and criticized israel a lot. So you know of course are taking credit for you. That's not possible because he said that he would give them more arms. Yeah help with their iron dome. Defense issue ceasefire. Democrats voted against that. Of course they did it was. I think it was a straight party line because it was two eighteen to two nine against replenishing the iron dome for israel. I'm being these democrats. They they are on the side of this terrorist group. Absolute many of them many of them. I don't know if you wanna play now. I mean there's been a video for about forty years ago of joe biden talking about israel on the floor of the senate Insisting i'd say we look at the middle east. I think it's about time we stopped those of us who support as most of us do israel in this body for apologizing for our support for israel. There's no apology be made. Thank you it is the best three billion dollar investment. We make where they're not in israel. The united states of america would have to invent an israel to protect her interest in the region. United states would have to go out and invent an israel ha unequivocal support though. Yes it is and steny. Hoyer had unequivocal support yesterday too. I mean he's not joe biden. But i mean he's one of their leaders right. He was all for them as well. And it's comes as the same day as they signed the cova nineteen hate crimes. Act so the coming the hate what is covid nineteen did. You can't hate asian people can't because they they brought us the the china virus chinese people to become on. Thank you thank you wait. It's so we can't hate covert either. No new no knows the covid nineteen. Hey chris personnel. Know or you'll be oral or not even about them. Don't even pretend right. Don't even pretend could kill a white person if you want. But don't say anything mean to. I think technically still against the law. I think it is technically want to get technical. Okay so it's fine. It's fine. I far be it for me to start bogging down with facts. Yeah so. I don't wanna do that. Yeah thank you Would-be out of care started. Bogging down. max. It's why do we have special laws for different races. I don't understand that. Can't we just say that all crime is bad and be done with it or is that not a good thing for what's in your heart when you do hurt somebody i mean. Crime is crime. Nobody hurts anybody else out of love pretty much. You know you. Don't go down the street and stab somebody because you love him so isn't pretty much all violent crime done with hatred or dislike. At least what are you hung up hundred. At the moment. I guess agreeing with a lot of. There's a lot of love crime out there that happens is there. is there. Love crime runs like Law and order episode love grind going martin production biden yesterday also made it made a big deal out of the fact that he's not gonna talk to hamas about this brokered peace deal with the palestinian liberation organization. Okay who has absolutely no power with the palestinians anymore. Because it's all hamas that they voted for. Moss is the entity in our government in gaza. I guess the pilo still has a little bit of say so in the west bank aids. Mostly it's just hamas so that's what we're dealing with there. That's why this is such an unbelievable problem. For americans to be supporting hamas over israel a terror organization and they killed people. Yeah but ten times or twenty times. More palestinians were killed in israel. Yeah but not through. They're not trying. They were certainly trying to launched hundred missiles at them in one day at one point. It's just a it's amazing to me that people just can't get this and how dare they occupied the west bank. How dare you. That's palestinian territory through in through. It always has been mean what claimed his israel have on bethleham. Thank you none none. Obviously it's palestinian and we'd goes way back on that what you know the city of david. Obviously that's palestinian. Thank you bethlehem. The city of david king of israel is palestinian ter. Oh yeah judea. Samaria i mean. Bethlehem has been occupied for a long time a long time. Yeah they recommend when you go to israel you go there as we did years almost ten years ago now They tell you not to go. No it's just not safe for christians the very first time we I went there. Will you show up. The israeli guide would not even go. He took he just released. Definitely can't go.

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