How to Make a Big Decision


Today. We're looking at how to make a big decision and to help us do that. I'm joined as usual by dr rick hansen. So dad how are you doing. I'm really good. And this is one of my favorite topics yuccas s. I think there's a saying in medicine. Good judgment comes from experience and experienced bad judgment. Experience might sometimes have fostered some improvement in my judgment. And i'd love to kind of share that with you. And i know this forest also is a topic that you have really engaged a lot in your own life including putting it into practice. Boy sure brought these principles down out of the ivory tower. And you know one thing. I was really interested in what you said. Is the tension between playing it. Save with the known versus taking a chance on the unknown. And i wondered if you could talk more about that. Yeah i think that there are some big themes that tend to come up inside of these conversations inside of these choices. When we're making decisions and something that i was kind of reflecting on prior to this conversation we were just talking about it a second ago before we started recording is how all of these decisions are different one school or another one person or another place deliver and other whatever but if you drill down deep enough they kind of all become very similar in terms of the process you can go through around making choices and these big themes tend to emerge over and over again and i do think that one of them is absolutely this tension between what you now in what you don't and they're kind of these different biases that are at play here. I talk a lot about bias on the podcast and one of the big ones survivorship bias which tends to tell people toward believing that things are going to work out. Okay if they take one of those big swings kinda like history is written by the winners yeah histories absolutely history is written by the including your personal history absolutely

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